About Us

Lost Forty Brewing is a production craft microbrewery in the heart of downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. We aim to craft beers as wild, unwavering and uniquely Arkansas as the storied forest from which we take our name.

Lumberjacks typically refrain from frivolity — which makes the mythology of the lost 40 acres in Calhoun county that much more remarkable.

Our namesake parcel of land should have been reduced to end tables and matchsticks generations ago, save for one small detail—they couldn’t find it. Somehow this shopping mall sized swath of pristine wilderness got lost, eluding timber men, surveyors and the business end of a hatchet for nearly two centuries. How is still a question of much intrigue. Why, is just as shadowy, but we’d like to postulate it was to spawn a really great brewery. Our ambition is to craft beer as sought after and enduring as the stretch of timber from which we take our name. Our philanthropic mission is just as bold: we commit to not merely stoking the lore of the Lost 40 acres, but to actively contributing to this land’s survival for generations of Arkansans to come. 

Seek. Find. Enjoy.